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DocVue has been serving the oil and gas industry since 1996. The DocVue imaging, document management and workflow tools enables companies to electronically capture, secure, distribute and manage documents and their associated approval processes. Integrated with your Accounting, Land and Operations systems, DocVue makes access to lease records, contracts, AFEs, invoices, financial reports and other critical documents easy, safe and secure.

Working together with the industry’s leading solution providers, the DocVue software suite automates and streamlines labor intensive paper-based processes and ensures that information is accessible to the right people at the right time to support better decision making.

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Introducing our Expense Report Solution!

  • Route expense reports directly from Excel
  • Attach receipt copies to the expense report for auditing
  • Track expense reports through workflow
  • Automatically upload to the accounting ERP through the advanced form
  • Securely store expense reports in the repository
  • Visualize employee expenses by expense type

Click here to see how DocVue is utilizing the Expense Report Solution in house to Do More With Less.

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