Migrate from your legacy paper based file system and organize and classify your shared network drives into an Electronic Content Management platform. Eliminate the time and costs associated with searching for hard copy documents, refiling documents and maintaining traditional file cabinets. Eliminate the inefficiencies of growing shared drives. Your organization will immediately benefit by being able to find the document you want when you need it.

Common Repository

  • Store any type of electronic or scanned document and view them in their native format or via a common viewer
  • Import existing electronic documents (Word, Excel, CAD, PDF…)
  • Migrate existing image files and associated index information
  • Leverage document version control and audit trail capabilities
  • Scalable across multiple departments/locations with full security and data integrity

Complex Search and Retrieval Capabilities

  • Index-based searching
  • Full text search capabilities
  • Advanced search capabilities including Boolean search and thesaurus support

Robust Security Model

  • Controls who has access to the documents
  • Controls what types of access users have to the documents (read-only/read–write/delete privileges)
  • Provides ability to create audit trail for tracking and regulatory compliance

Concurrent Document Access

  • Multiple users can simultaneously access documents (for “read-only” viewing)
  • ‘Check in – Check out’ feature ensures only one user at a time can edit a document
  • Full version control functionality, including retention of previous versions




Store any type
of electronic or
scanned documents



and full text
search capabilities



Control who has
access and to what
type of documents

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