With such an in-depth system, there’s bound to be a few questions. Here you can find answers to many of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re still unable to find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What is DocVue?

The DocVue software suite, primarily used by Oil & Gas companies, automates and streamlines labor intensive, paper-based processes and ensures that information is accessible to the right people at the right time. DocVue software is used for imaging, document management and workflow. It enables companies to electronically capture, secure, distribute and manage documents and their associated approval processes. Integrated with a variety of Accounting, Land and Operations systems, DocVue makes access to lease records, contracts, AFEs, invoices, financial reports and other critical documents easy, safe and secure.

What kind of documents can be stored in DocVue? What types of files are allowed in DocVue?

There are no limits to the types of documents that can be stored in DocVue! To view a document, DocVue uses the Windows program associated with a document’s file extension. For example, if a document ends with “.pdf” and a computer’s default program to open PDF documents is Adobe Reader, then that program is used to open the document.

How can documents be published into DocVue?

There are a few options on how to publish a document into DocVue:

  • Documents can be scanned, validated and published to DocVue through our SmartVue product
  • Documents can be published and header data auto-captured through Microsoft Office products
  • Electronic documents can be auto-consumed from a file or email account
Can I use DocVue on a mobile device?

Yes, DocVue Mobile can be used on an IPad or IPhone. For security reasons, a VPN connection is necessary.

Can DocVue be integrated with my accounting system?

DocVue is often integrated with OGSQL, Excalibur and BOLO databases. DocVue is flexible and can be configured to connect to different accounting systems and databases. It can be designed and configured based on existing, established documentation processes within a company. For more information related to DocVue integrations, contact us.

How does DocVue organize documents?

DocVue allows users to customize the document repository through the use of applications. Clients often organize their applications by business unit (Land, AP, Operations, Productions, Legal, HR). With the DocVue Admin Client, users can control the security and set up of the applications.

What kind of security options are available in DocVue?

Security is controlled at the application and document level through the DocVue Admin Client. Publish profiles allow clients to set up work groups that can delete, review, or version documents. Role-based security is assigned to each user in the DocVue Admin Client. A complete workflow history and document history is tracked for review by auditors.

How can documents in DocVue be shared?

Documents in DocVue can be e-mailed or exported to a folder. Links can be created to specific documents and are accessible when users are connected to the DocVue servers network. Accessibility depends on user and document security settings.

What other programs or applications have been integrated with DocVue?

Many industry software programs have been integrated with DocVue, including:

  • JIBLink
  • Cortex
  • Oildex
  • ADP
  • LandWorks
  • Kofax
How do I contact DocVue?

For Sales: sales@docvue.com

For Support: Log a case at docvue.com/support or email helpdesk@docvue.com

For Marketing: events@docvue.com

For Training: training@docvue.com

How can I schedule custom training through a webinar?

Contact training@docvue.com to schedule all of your custom training needs.

How do I view your public webinar schedule?

Public webinars are password protected and available to currently licensed clients. To obtain a password, contact training@docvue.com.

How do I access your OnDemand Video Training?

OnDemand Video training is available to our DocVue 9 and 10 clients. Contact training@docvue.com for access instructions and to explore the Inbox and Search functionalities.

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