DocVue is an Electronic Content Management and Workflow solution for streamlining business processes and sharing electronic information. DocVue provides multiple methods for introducing and accessing business critical content. Coupled with a configurable workflow, DocVue customers are able to capture, control, organize, access and share vital information quickly, easily and securely.

Platform Capabilities:

Electronic Content Management allows for straight forward search and retrieval of any scanned or electronic document
Create electronic content with SmartVue, our easy to use intelligent capture solution that automates manual touch points, improves accuracy, and reduces costs
Leverage workflow to ensure your internal business process control framework is intact while electronically creating an audit trail to ensure compliance
Gain access to the information you want with InfoVue. Either real time or through scheduled distribution, make sure you have the information you want when you need it
Retrieve documents via your desktop or mobile device
Frictionless integrations with many of the leading industry service providers


Content Management

Migrate from your legacy paper based file system and organize and classify your shared network drives into an Electronic Content Management platform. Eliminate the time and costs associated with searching for hard copy documents, refiling documents and maintaining traditional file cabinets. Eliminate the inefficiencies of growing shared drives. Your organization will immediately benefit by being able to find the document you want when you need it

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Give every DocVue user the ability to scan and publish documents from the convenience of their desk. Load documents into any scan device and DocVue SmartVue will automatically identify and sort the documents by type and fill in the desired index fields. Electronic documents can be automatically indexed through SmartVue or indexed and released into DocVue directly from Microsoft Office applications.

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Automate and electronically manage approval processes through easily customized workflow modeling. Accelerate your approvals by creating virtual work packets of related documents that become a part of the approval and audit trails, ensuring timely, well documented and informed decisions.

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Gain access to the information you want when you want it. Perform real time queries or schedule and distribute saved queries as desired. Perform analysis on document workflows to identify bottlenecks or opportunities for efficiencies as well as analyze document detail to manage spend, cash, budgets or whatever detail is critical to your business.

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DocVue makes access to lease records, contracts, AFEs, invoices, financial reports and other critical documents easy, safe and secure and ensures that information is accessible to the right people at the right time to support better decision making. Whether you are at your desk, working from home or out in the field, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere.

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DocVue’s deep integrations with the industry’s leading ERP and Land systems eliminates repetitive data entry and provides data lookups and auto population of information. Leveraging the information from existing systems reduces costs and improves accuracy and data integrity.

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For more information or to set up a demo of the different DocVue capabilities, contact sales@docvue.com

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