Interview with Beth Trammell: Denver 2017 Top 40 Women in Energy Recipient

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On April 19th, 2017 Beth Trammell, CEO and founder of DocVue, was named one of the Top 40 Women in Energy by the Denver Business Journal. Click here to read the article by Denver Business Journal. DocVue’s Joanne Lovato, technical support analyst, interviewed Beth to further explore her career, journey, and accomplishments.

DocVue’s CEO and Founder, Beth Trammell, has led her team with enthusiasm, optimism, and commitment. Not only has Trammell been the captain of the ship, she graciously attributes much of her success to the many people on board who have contributed along the way. Trammell appreciates her customers, employees, and business partners. To her, it has been the connections and partnerships that have assisted in the growth and development of DocVue. Trammell also expresses appreciation to her family for their support in her endeavors.

Trammell began her journey in the Oil and Gas industry after she graduated from The Colorado College with a degree in economics. She knew she had to venture out into the world and she set her eyes on the Oil and Gas industry. She recognized the potential in the industry, and as Trammell puts it, “the industry was really blowing and going.” Trammell’s initial role in the industry was as a “Drilling and Production Secretary” for a small Oil and Gas company. In her position, Trammell was responsible for compiling Reserve and Economic analysis on wells owned by the company. She utilized software that would aid in economic projections for the wells.

Staying true to her belief that people and connections can have a big influence on your success, Trammell developed a rapport with the Reserve and Economic analysis software vendor used by the small Oil and Gas Company she started with. This ultimately opened the door to her next adventure. Trammell accepted a position as a Technical Support Representative with that very software vendor. In this role, Trammell started by providing technical support and training users, then moved into sales, and eventually ran the Sales and Marketing Department for both the US and Canadian companies.

As the industry cooled down, Trammell sought her next career move with Xerox’s Systems Integration group. They were on the “forefront of document management and workflow,” Trammell noted. Most of her clients were large corporations in high-tech. This required Trammell to travel across the U.S. in order to meet the needs of the clients. By this time, Trammell was married and had two children of her own. Travel was a big part of the position, which was proving to be a challenge for Trammell and her family.

From her experiences at Xerox, Trammell decided to venture out on her own to start her own Consulting and Systems Integration firm. She had the knowledge and the skills to move forward and she understood that there were many small companies in oil and gas that she would be able to uniquely serve.

Trammell was giving her final sales presentation to integrate a 3rd party enterprise content management solution to a major telecommunications prospect when she noticed an unfamiliar man in a suit in the front row. He was the director of the software division of the telecommunications company, and was responsible for an in-house content management solution called VueFinder. Impressed with Trammell’s presentation, he requested that rather than implement the 3rd party software solution, that she instead implement VueFinder to their enterprise. When the company was purchased by a competitor in the Telecommunications Industry, a unique and timely opportunity was opened up to Trammell. She was able to purchase VueFinder, which is known today as DocVue.

Trammell had her consultants trained in java and other needed toolsets and began to deploy and maintain the product. With a desire to move from telecommunications back in to the energy industry, Trammell established partnerships with the leading oil and gas accounting systems. DocVue has since grown and has been shaped with customers’ needs in mind to this day. Customer satisfaction has been a main focus for Trammell. DocVue has recently brought on new executives who are enthusiastic about taking DocVue to the next level, never losing sight of continuing to deliver value to DocVue’s customers.

Trammell recognizes that there were obstacles and challenges along the way, however, she believes that being flexible, not losing sight of your goals, keeping an open mind and believing in yourself are valuable tools necessary to achieve success. She credits her team and the people that have encouraged her along the way for the success of DocVue – and she is especially appreciative to have her husband and best friend as her business partner.

The DocVue family consists of many people, and Trammell strives for success so that all are included. As Trammell tells her children, “do the right thing every day, and you will not have any regrets.” These wise words are the business philosophy she follows within DocVue and they have served Trammell and DocVue well.

As an employee of DocVue, I can say with confidence that Beth Trammell is not only a great leader, she is also an innovator, visionary, and strong role-model for women today.

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